McCain adopts newer slogan: “I’m the white guy”

by doglord

Days after co-opting the new campaign slogan “A leader we can believe in” from the Obama campaign, the McCain campaign is ditching it for a more concise message: “I’m the white guy.”

“We just think it’s more on-message,” said campaign manager Charlie Black, who admitted to some hand-wringing before making the switch. “After stealing that last slogan from Obama, we were a little worried about stealing one from Clinton.”

Nonetheless, Clinton’s success in Appalachia following her contention that some whites are racist pigs, struck a chord with the Republican’s campaign.

“We think racism works just as well, if not better, for us,” said Black, whom, reports have considering a name change to White. “Since we’ve got about as many black Republicans as gay ones, we figured, what the f**k?”

Black delivered his remarks with the same wooden, stick-up-his-ass white guy elan he employed to such great affect in announcing the McCain campaign’s nifty YouTube contest (you gotta see it to believe it).

“It’s not like we haven’t tried to do the whole rainbow deal,” Black admitted. “But after his speech — if you can call it that — in front of that disastrous green backdrop the other night we decided it was time to get back to basic black and white. And it’s hard to get much whiter than John McCain. The guy’s got absolutely zero funk.”

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