United To Charge Extra for Losing Second Bag

by doglord

United Airlines announced today that it would soon begin charging some passengers extra for losing a second bag.

“Passengers who want to check—and therefore lose—a second bag on United flights can expect to pay an additional charge starting, well, now,” a spokesperson for the airline mimed today.

In an impromptu homage to Marcel Marceau, the airline spokesperson pantomimed crying and tearing out his hair, reactions frequent fliers are all too familiar with.

Not surprisingly, customers and advocacy groups sympathized with the airline…to a point.

“With oil companies making record profits, airline execs expect astronomical bonuses,” said consumer advocacy group The Mile-High Club in a post on its mySpace page. “We get that.”

“What we don’t understand,” Mile High’s mySpace release continues, “is why they sent a mime to tell us.”





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