Rep. Rohrbacker, panty torture expert

Rep. Rohrbacher’s interrogation-by-panty-hat obsession explained

by doglord

WASH. D.C. — Puzzling many, illustrious conservative congressman Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA) managed to poo-poo panty hat torture eight times Wednesday during House Foreign Affairs Committee hearings on harsh interrogation tactics.

“That dude was on message!” said avid CSPAN-viewer Jerry Gary, of Venice, CA. “That was a tour de force!”

Rohrbacher’s paroxism of panty-hat references, in what was supposed to be a debate on harsh forms of interrogation used on 9/11 suspects, would appear to be a Capitol Hill record, until you talk with congressional pages.

“That may be an ‘on the record’ record, but us pages know better — trust me,” said a former page for former Congressman Tom Foley (R-FL) who asked that his name not be used for any stories related to panty hats. “Reps Foley and Rohrbacher used to throw some rip-snorting panty-hat-interrogation-Friday parties.”

Photos received today by Dogtown Ink appear to support the pages’ contentions that Rohrbacher is well-briefed on panty hats.

“Rohrbacher used to put a pair of panties on his head and challenge us to get information out of him,” said another unidentified page. “It was always in the guise of a game — panty hat Truth or Dare. But he’d get those panties on his head and just be in the zone.”

The pages said it’s little wonder that Rohrbacher displays such contempt for those who complain that interrogation-by-panty-hat is anything more than “hazing.”

“He’s frikkin’ intimidating in a soiled pair of panties,” yet another page insisting on anonymity said. “I’m still being treated for post traumatic stress syndrome.”

A recorded message on Rohrbacher’s office phone said the congressman would be unavailable for comment today due to a long-standing Friday spin-the-bottle game.

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