First Ladies Man Bill

First Ladies Man—Bill Clinton: “Fired Up and Ready To Go Day One!”

by doglord

Seeking to allay fears about his role in a Hillary Clinton White House, former president Bill Clinton assured the
American people—as well as current f**k-buddies—that he has no intention of serving as “some kind of co-president.”

“I mean, I’m going to be our nation’s First Ladies Man,” Clinton told reporters, outside a dry-cleaners where he was dropping off Hillary’s pant suit. “I’m pumped about it! I’ll be fired up and ready to go day one. Day Two, too. Hell, I’ll go every day and night of the week, if that’s what it takes!”

Addressing concerns that more of his “shenanigans” could be a problem for a Hillary Clinton administration, the ex-prez insisted: “That depends on what your definition of ‘shenanigans’ is. Regardless, my behavior will be unimpeachable this time around: I won’t be president.”

“And I won’t be co-president either,” Clinton said. “I anticipate my hands being plenty full as First Ladies Man. I mean, we’ve never had one before—unless you count the last time I was in the White House. There are going to be a lot of demands on my time.”

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