Not Naked Woman in Cheney's Glasses - Actually Naked Man

Naked Woman in Cheney’s Glasses Actually Naked Man

by doglord

VENICE, CA – Turns out theories regarding the reflection in Vice President Cheney’s sunglasses that has sent the bloggo-sphere into a tizzy are all wrong: It’s not the reflection of a naked woman, it’s a nude dude.

“After careful analysis, I am absolutely certain that what you’re seeing reflected in the VP’s sunglasses is beefcakes,” said famed forensic investigator, Larry Terry, of Venice, CA. “There’s no question in my mind.”

And that’s not just any guy in the buff, according to Terry, whose extensive library of Blueboy and Bear magazines bolster his assertions.

“I’m actually familiar with this man from a recent layover in the Minneapolis Airport,” said Terry. “I’d recognize that wide stance anywhere — even if he is on his knees. Actually, because he’s on his knees.”

Though Terry doesn’t know the nude man’s name, he’s not surprised a 10-point buck turned up in Cheney’s sunglasses, or that it seems to delight the Veep.

“I’ve been on fishing trips with a bunch of guys when a big buck shows up at the watering hole,” said Terry. “It’s hard not to get excited at seeing such an impressive rack.”

Terry also noted that if you look at the picture really hard, you can see a massage table and a couple packets of meth on it. We’re still looking for that.

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