Bollywood Berkeley

by thebradmiskell

Underground Diaries, Part 41

Bollywood film dance troupe competitions have been popular at certain American universities since the turn of the century (the current one). Campus Indian-American clubs are the instigators and their members, the primary participants. For most of these very American kids, Bollywood films are their main connection to their parents’ heritage: Buy-in from notoriously no-nonsense folks is therefore easier. Meanwhile, what college kid doesn’t want to dress in provocative costumes and undulate with beaming members of the opposite sex? Arranged marriages can wait. Check this vid if you think I’m fooling.

My friend and accomplished songwriter Dan MacKenzie had produced some tracks for an upcoming Bollywood-inspired indie film. He gave me one, which I dismantled and reformed to serve as the bed for this little paean to Puna and the gang.

© 2007 Miskell/MacKenzie

Straight outta Punjab
A new tradition
Bollywood film
Dance troupe competition
I saw my first
Up in the East Bay
A fierce competition
Bollywood Berkeley

Shalins and Priyas
Had their hands full
With mudras and costumes
Pizza and Red Bull
Last minute changes
To scenery
Rehearsing in parking lots
Bollywood Berkeley

They brought the bhangra
They brought the funk
The “bullet time” moves
The bona fide hunks
The pretty girls
Each one a gem
How can the boys think
It’s all about them?

They did their
Movie musical dances
Right down to the
Sappy romances
The Bruins tap-danced
To victory
They heart New York but they luv
Bollywood Berkeley



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