Lifeguard Station - Venice Beach

Lifeguard Station – Venice Beach

by doglord

South end of the parking lot at Ocean Front Walk & Venice Blvd.
Venice Lifeguard Station is located on Venice Beach above the jetty. It commands views of the beach north to the Breakwater and past, and south to the Venice fishing pier.

The Lifeguard Station doubles as a polling place where area residents vote, some coming in wet suits before or after surf sessions. A regular, 360? semi-real time view of the beach (it’s a series of still stitched together and regularly updated) is streamed from the lifeguard station for web surfers interested in the surf conditions: LA County Coastal Monitoring Network (Venice Lifeguard Station)


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  1. 1 Kevin Johnsen on June 25, 2015 10:08 pm

    This afternoon at about 2:30 as we sat on the beach, my family was approached by a lifeguard from the Rose lifeguard stand. The lifeguard was extremely rude and aggressive ordering us with a loud and obnoxious and aggressive voice to get our dog off the beach.(a very small dog who was on our blanket ) . My wife and small child were startled as he approached us from behind and began yelling orders. When I tried to explain that we had visited the beach many times with the dog and had been told by other lifeguards that the dog was not a problem unless the police had an issue with it, he again went into a threatening tirade. There are frequently dogs on the beach and I would like to know the exact policy. I would also like to file a complaint on this lifeguard. I live On Dudley ave. and I definitely do not want to run into him again and risk a physical altercation with this rude and aggressive person. I would appreciate a response from you on this issue. Thank you. all of your other lifeguards have been very professional.

  2. 2 Nanci Johnsen on January 14, 2016 10:17 pm

    Hi, A friend sent me this article they found randomly on the web. What!!! Really? Reverend Kevin johnsen ? I am Kevin’s wife Nanci and I live in costa rica which would make his claim pretty impossible.My husband does live on Dudley in Venice Bch in Ca, but I was never there, unless he has another wife and small child that I am not aware of. Our kids are 28,19,& 17. Just don’t want someone losing there job over this one of his stories. Whoever is in charge if kevin has filed a complaint, just give them my contact info.




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