Out of the Closet on 0528 2008

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Venice location of great AIDS charity thrift store. Great stuff. Great cause. Tax deductible. Drive around back to drop off donations.

Casablanca on 0528 2008

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220 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291 Phone: (310) 392-5751 Map Definitely a throw back. Kitschy, movie-Moroccan decor, handmade (while you watch) tortillas for the table, rumpus room bar, okay eats.

Oakwood Recreation Center on 0528 2008

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Good for the ‘wood, from jungle gyms and kiddy swings to sports fields with bright lights for night games.

Santa Monica Pier Playground on 0528 2008

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On the beach just south of the pier. The full compliment of playground paraphernalia: swings, climbing ropes, monkey bars, a padded deck…rings even. Nearby restrooms. Grassy gymnastics field. Definitely enough stuff to tire out your brood.


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Attention anyone who has ever seen those colorful, cartoon-cut-out doves that dangle from power lines over busy intersections from here to San Francisco, NYC and even London: Could Brown, the enigmatic, young street artist behind the berds (his werd), be using them to basically flip the bird?

D.I.Y. F.-ing Tedious on 0426 2008

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Researchers studying ultra-hip do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) culture have confirmed the worst suspicions of many D.I.Y.ers come lately: It’s a royal pain in the ass and the results usually suck.

Bigfoot Monster Grey Area For PETA on 0426 2008

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“Again and again we see PETA defending chinchillas from being skinned for hooker furs, or raving about all the lipstick being put on pigs by the beauty industry. Yet there’s a resounding silence where bigfeet are concerned.”

Winehouse Relative Insists Suspicious White Stuff Around Nose “Runs In Family” on 0426 2008

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Former anesthesiologist-to-the-stars and distant Amy Winehouse relative Nigel Gaye-Lewis has offered an explanation for the suspicious white stuff so often photographed around the soul singer’s nose.

METRO SURF on 0320 2008

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If surfing is the new golf—and I think we can all agree that it kinda is—then Venice is one of those hardscrabble city courses. Balthustrol the breakwater ain’t…

Herbalogy on 0320 2008

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1811 Ocean Front Walk #D, 2nd Fl Venice, CA 90291 Phone: (310) 823-2909 Boardwalk cannabis club.

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