Jailed Polygamist Leader One of Cellmate’s Multiple B****s on 0929 2008

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Despite serving 10 years to life in the Utah State Prison for polygamous-related behavior, famed polygamist leader Warren Jeffs continues the practice — in a manner of speaking.

Fists of Furry! — or Oh, No You Didn’t Just Call Me a Perv… on 0928 2008

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After taking years of ridicule, scorn and abuse as a “furry” reindeer, Brindleskins Skydancer decided to do something about it. He became a tenth-degree karate master, a Buddakan Judo high priest, and tae kwon-do Wu Li tree dancer. And an anthropomorphic avenger. No longer do people refer to him as weird (within earshot) or else…

Paris 1900 on 0927 2008

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Known for vintage wedding dresses, linens and lace. Gotta have an appointment.

OMD (Office of Mobile Design) on 0927 2008

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Cool prefabs and green, too.

C & O Trattoria on 0927 2008

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One of the busiest restaurants in L.A. Pasta by the shovelful, garlic knots till you burst, endless wine for your thirst. All this, and it’s painted like a movie set. Or a theme park.

Venice Admiral Suites on 0927 2008

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Brick and mortar. Probably cots. Expensive cots. Vacation rentals and furnished suites.

Bay Market on 0927 2008

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Typical: bait, jerky, star magazine, 3000 kinds of gum, 40s

Carrot Top Next To Recreate Marilyn Monroe’s Final Nude Photo Shoot on 0925 2008

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Not one to be one-upped by Lindsey Lohan, freaky D-list personality Carrot Top has announced that he, too, will recreate Marilyn Monroe’s famed last nude photo shoot.

David Blaine Thrills By Escaping Notice! on 0823 2008

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With his latest nauseating feat of public masochism, master escape artist David Blaine has finally accomplished what many have waited with baited breath for the prestidigitator to do: He’s completely escaped notice!

About Swingers on Swinging on 0822 2008

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The sprightly gentleman holding forth on “the lifestyle” is none other than Dr. Robert McGinley of Lifestyles.org, often referred to as the godfather of the American swing movement. Joining him is Dixie Kinnee who was, at the time of this conversation, COO of the Lifestyle family of Companies. John Lynch of the San Fernando Valley’s […]

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