Young Great White Reaches Cabo in Record Time (Barely Beats Carload of Cougars) on 1325 2008

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Experts are expressing amazement that a young great white shark, released in February from the Monterey Aquarium, arrived in Pacific Ocean waters off Baja’s Cabo San Lucas in record time (and, coincidentally, just in time for spring break). “Where does any man-eater go this time of year?” said Ellen Barkin, as she careened into Cabo with a carload of cougars.

Venice Family Clinic on 1324 2008

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SEVEN LOCATIONS in all, serving Venice and adjacent communities for nearly 40 years. Dedicated to low-income and uninsured members of the West Side community. Call or consult for the appropriate location.

And participate in the Art Auction & Art Walk. All proceeds go the clinic.

Organic Panificio on 1324 2008

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It took a while to figure out how to pronounce this newly opened Marina Del Rey restaurant’s name, but it’s worth learning. OP serves both Italian fare — pasta, pizza, calzone, gelato — and burgers and steak salads, all made from organic ingredients. Medium price range. Tasty indeed! Overlooking the Marina and Mother’s Beach. Try the organic wine.
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Canali Café on 1324 2008

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Osteria Latini’s chef and owner Paolo Pasio’s brand new Venice Beach Italian restaurant next to the canals on Washington in the reappointed site of Marguerite Cafe. Exceptional sandwiches. Good crowds but not crowded. An auspicious opening.

Country Plants on 1324 2008

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Dustin’s been selling beautiful plants at Country Garden for 18 years strong. Open 10am – 7pm.

Venice Beach Wine on 1324 2008

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Newish Rose Ave wine shop with great selection and thoughtful guidance.

Flake on 1324 2008

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Wake and flake at Rose Avenue’s newest corner coffee shop that’s a cereal lover’s paradise. Breakfast seems to be the specialty but lunch is coming soon. Open till 6:30pm.

Colcha on 1324 2008

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Hate to use the word eclectic, but if the cliché fits, use it. Abbot Kinney boutique featuring a variety of tasteful furniture, art and accessories.

Kim’s Food Corner on 1324 2008

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Is it just me or has Kim or his clerk got some issues? Only open till 8pm.

Ocean Blue Imports on 1324 2008

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Boardwalk import shop with incense, saris, shell necklaces, woodcarving, candles…

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