Re-Ink-R-Nation on 1829 2008

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Attention ladies: Re-Ink-R-Nation specializes in women’s tattoos and piercing — from Japanese kanji brush style tattoos to fixing ugly tattoos from your past (hence the shop’s name) to permanent make-up tattoos that look completely natural. At least according to Mamasan, the artist and piercer. Actually, male tattoo artists along the boardwalk regularly send Mamasan clients who need her special skills with female body art.

Mamasan speaks JAPANESE.

T-Rex: Tastes like (big damn) chicken on 1828 2008

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Scientists have finally put to rest the age old question: Which came first? And it wasn’t the chicken or the egg. “T-Rex was actually a big damn chicken,” said famed Dinosaurologist Jock Fossil. “Though it still would’ve eaten Colonel Sanders faster than you can say hot wing.”

The Modern Dog on 1727 2008

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Heaven on Earth for canines and the people who love them. Vibrant colors and incredible variety in all things doggy distinguish this best friend’s boutique, from stylish leashes and stuffed chew toys to bowls, books and the occasional kitty product.

The G2 Gallery on 1727 2008

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A new Abbot Kinney gallery dedicated to nature photography and the conservation of our natural environmental. G2 walks the walk by supporting local and statewide environmental causes.

Guitar Connection on 1727 2008

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Owner Mike Van Voorhees buys, sells, trades, rents and repairs guitars at his non-mega store. He also jams, tells stories and offers his two cents on a range of subjects from 12pm – 5pm Monday thru Saturday – which is when Guitar Connection is open. Attention musical people: Support your local guitar shop!

Plantation Home Accessories on 1727 2008

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New Montana Ave home accessories — all your chandelier needs, sconces, flat panel TV frames, objets D’art — that kind of stuff. You will need somewhere to put them…

Ride on 1727 2008

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Venician Surf Shop’s Jimmy V and partner’s new board store and more. Eco-friendly boards, decks, cloths and accessories. Opens April 27, 3pm.

Ink Ink Tattoo on 1726 2008

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Ink Ink’s Karina and Stephanie are both exquisite tattoo artists. I know this because of the persnickety friends I have who patronize them…and because I can see with my own eyes. A longtime Dogtown ink establishment located near the corner of Lincoln and Brooks, it’s one of Venice’s best tattoo parlors.

Hamilton Press on 1726 2008

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Founded in 1990 as a collaboration between master printer Ed Hamilton and Venice artist Ed Ruscha, Hamilton Press publishes fine art lithographs by selected artists and is available for contract publishing by galleries, organizations and individual artists.

Men are from Big Macs, Women are from Celery on 1724 2008

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Researchers in Britain are reporting today that women who consume mass quantities tend to conceive boys, while those who eat only popcorn produce girls. “You ladies who want boys best like big butts,” said the study’s lead researcher, Neville Pynch. “You want a baby girl, step away from the refrigerator.”

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