Screw ’em-gate: Hillary’s secret Tourette’s agony exposed! on 1617 2008

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After evidence emerged today that, in 1995, Hillary Clinton told then-President Bill Clinton “screw ’em” in reference to working class southerners, she insisted that she once fought and won an agonizing, private battle with Tourette’s syndrome.

Breakthroughs by Scientists On Brain-Boost Drugs Nullified on 1615 2008

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In the wake of reports that over 20 percent of scientists use brain-boosting drugs, the Intl. Science Committee (ISC) announced today that results of any and all science performed with the aid of such drugs would be thrown out: “All breakthroughs, discoveries and cures achieved by cheating are hereby nullified…even if they do cure cancer,” said ISC spokesperson, Dr. Lucius Taint. “Our regrets to those with cancer; best get your affairs in order.”


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SHAMROCK, TX — While the heavens opened up over West Texas last week wreaking havoc on countless homes and businesses, the act of God actually missed its mark.

Poom Thai Cuisine on 1615 2008

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Fantastic Thai cuisine on lovely Lincoln Blvd, hotbed of good, affordable west side Thai restaurants. Eat in, take out, either way you’ll be happy you did.

4.19 California Dreams and Realities on 1614 2008

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Mollusk Surf Shop presents “California Dreams and Realities.” The photography of Deanna Templeton and paintings of Alexis Amann.
Opening reception: Saturday April 19th, 7-10pm. Music by The Tyde.

Clinton Campaign To Bill Collectors: “Take Him, Please!” on 1511 2008

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Reports that bill collectors will soon be descending on the Clinton campaign were met today with jubilation by an unlikely lot — top Clinton campaign staffers.

Naked Woman in Cheney’s Glasses Actually Naked Man on 1511 2008

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VENICE, CA – Turns out theories regarding the reflection in Vice President Cheney’s sunglasses that has sent the bloggo-sphere into a tizzy are all wrong: It’s not the reflection of a naked woman, it’s a nude dude.

After 6-Way Kidney Transplant, Docs Seek “One Measly Brain” For President Bush on 1510 2008

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A day after six selfless organ donors made possible a mix-and-match transplant of multiple kidneys to needy recipients, doctors were seeking donors for another desperately-needed organ transplant — a brain, this time — for the President of the United States.

About Gorey Video on 159 2008

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I found this video of Edward Gorey’s The Epiplectic Bicycle — the story that inspired Cybele O’Brien’s tattoo commemoration ot her grandmother Fern — on YouTube.


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A tattoo of two children hitting each other over the head with croquet mallets graces Cybele O’Brien’s left shoulder. It’s an illustration by that master of morbid, Edward Gorey, from his book The Epiplectic Bicycle.

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