Gay Rodeo Curious on 2230 2008

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I had two more videos on the gay rodeo to make fast. I’d gotten wind of a thing called Internet porn with coy category names like bi-curious. Given that it alluded to internet porn, I figured it was safe to assume EVERYONE IN THE WORLD would get the joke of a clip named Gay Rodeo Curious. Plus, it was an appropriate name for a “This is Gay Rodeo”-type clip.

Exclusiver! Actual Video Clip of Alien at Window! No Sh**! on 2230 2008

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LATEST UPDATE: Those mendacious little alien vid pranksters!

I never!

VENICE, CA — Dogtown Ink has just received this link to the ACTUAL VIDEO CLIP of the live space alien at the window from a commenter on DOGTOWN INK who goes by the name of WATCHER.


Exclusive Preview: Video Still of Live Space Alien at Window on 2230 2008

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DOGTOWN INK EXCLUSIVE — Dogtown Ink has acquired this exclusive frame grab from astonishing video footage shot by a Denver area man of a live space alien peeking in a window. Unlike previous grainy images of purported extraterrestrials, the video still clearly shows a very buff, completely alien life form outside the windshield of a space ship cockpit.

Rosalynn Thai Restaurant on 2230 2008

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Don’t let the look of the place fool you. Rosalynn Thai serves up authentic Thai cuisine for a song. I hear the duck is exceptional.

Monkey thoughts control robotic arm, throw feces on 2229 2008

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PITTSBURGH, PA — In a major breakthrough, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have succeeded in allowing monkeys’ brains to control robotic arms, enabling them to throw feces — no hands — at the speed of Roger Clemens fastballs.

Scott McClellan Jumps to #1 on Amazon…and FBI’s Most Wanted on 2229 2008

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WASHINGTON DC — In a stunning coincidence, former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan not only jumped to the top of Amazon’s list of best sellers today, but to the number one position on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

The Ballad of Winnie Baygo’s Thrashed Undercarriage on 2229 2008

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I’m not so into treating animals badly. Plus I’m not gay- No, I swear. So officially kicking off the new gig by covering the 2006 L.A. Gay Rodeo might seem WTF-worthy, particularly given Yahoo’s determination to be perceived as MOR — despite its dirty, big, non-secret, Yahoo Groups.

Hillary Clinton: Sh*tting us or shooting us? on 2123 2008

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Today Hillary Rodham Clinton cited Robert Kennedy’s June 1968 assassination as justification for staying in the race for her party’s presidential nomination, effectively demonstrating that she is 100% bat shit crazy.

‘N Sync creator’s next act: B’hind Barz on 2121 2008

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Sentenced Wednesday to 25 years in federal prison for scamming scores of seniors out of their life savings, Lou Pearlman, the chubby/creepy/purvy dude responsible for the boy band plague was positively upbeat. “Talk about ‘Don’t throw me in the briar patch,'” said Pearlman.

Vatican: OK to believe in aliens (merger with Scientology in the works) on 2014 2008

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VATICAN CITY — The Vatican said yesterday that it’s okay for the faithful to believe in space aliens — paving the way for a rumored merger with the Church of Scientology.

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