100 Coed Drug Dealers Busted! (20 Million Others Still Open for Business) on 199 2008

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SAN DIEGO, CA — One hundred college students were busted here this week for selling drugs…inducing a sigh of relief from the 20 million other college students selling drugs everywhere else who weren’t busted.

The 5 (Other) Mistakes Clinton Made on 198 2008

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Today Time magazine listed the five mistakes Hillary Clinton made in her failed attempt to win the Democratic party’s nomination for president — and got it all wrong. Here are the 5 REAL reasons her campaign screwed the pooch.


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VENICE, CA — Saying someone has run amok here is like saying someone has run to the corner for a 2-liter Diet Coke, curly fries and a copy of Barely Legal anywhere else in America, which is to say Happens all the time. Getting noticed for acting out in the town where acting out is a higher art form is no easy thing. Dude did it the other night…

Girl with the Anime Ink on 197 2008

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When you say someone has Japanese style tattoos, you don’t usually mean Hello Kitty — unless you’re talking about Venice, California’s Malina Huang.

trim on 197 2008

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Twenty-buck first-time haircuts — how wrong can you go? Trim’s art, tunes and airy space add to the tonsorial splendor. So do the ladies who run the place.
Open 7 days-a-week, 9am – 9pm.

Nite Spa on 197 2008

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I hear nice things about Nite Spa, though I haven’t yet had the pleasure. The concept is alluring…

Green House Smoke Shop on 197 2008

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Long-running Abbot Kinney Blvd smoke shop. A tad pricey, but so’s the rent these days on Venice’s new boutique corridor?

Contribute to Ink’s Delinquency on 184 2008

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Dogtown Ink aims to be a complete cluster-f*** of clever contributors. But we can’t be that without actually having clever contributors (though we think we’ve got the cluster-f*** part pretty much dialed). Got funny? Bring it! How about counterculture cred? Strut your stuff, cocky hipster! Know something about Venice? We’ll take it — we just aren’t that picky.

Predator Cycling on 183 2008

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Custom-built high-performance bicycles. Predator has recently expanded from making performance bikes for professionals to making custom cycles for avid bicyclists. Cutting-edge technologies and components. Track bikes and road bikes.

Eko Zone on 183 2008

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Eko Zone has yet to open, though the sign outside says Cruelty-free Products. TBC…

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