Get Waxed on 234 2008

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My friends love this place. Plus, they got a Four Leaf rating in Greenopia’s Green Living Los Angeles guide. So what are you waiting for? The world needs more Brazilian bikini wax jobs. Way more.

Unruly Fashion on 234 2008

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Trendy clothes — lots of Ed Hardy stuff — and Hustlerwear compete for attention in this boardwalk shop. They even have skateboards — Ed Hardy skateboards. I just bought a couple thongs there to use for my “Thonged Man denies armed robbery, decries discrimination” video. But they came from the sale basket, don’t judge the merch on my headwear choices. On the other hand, you need to get a stunt thong and a Hustler poster in a hurry, hurry on down.

Man in Thong Mask Denies Armed Robbery, Decries Persecution on 234 2008

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VENICE. CA — A man considered “a person of interest” by Denver-area authorities investigating the armed robbery of an area convenience store by men in thong masks says he’s innocent and decries the persecution of people who wear thong masks. A Dogtown Ink exclusive video.

Venice Art Walls Art Auction Fundraiser on 232 2008

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The Venice Art Walls need funding. City cutbacks are leaving those trying to keep this Venice institution afloat while responding to neighbors’ concerns about tagging in the neighborhood without funding. Go spend some money on works created by some of the cream of the crop of L.A. street artists and support a good cause.

Goat Dressing on 232 2008

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Goat dressing was to be the subject of the third gay rodeo event. It was kind of a no-brainer, though at first I wasn’t as gung ho on the idea as Neeraj was. But he was right in feeling like we should do a clip on the event, if for no other reason than to attracts viewer to our much more thoughtful coverage (Gay Rodeo Makes You Limp, for example, a written nugget to be deconstructed here soon).

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