Clown School (dress code not enforced) on 3529 2008

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Tommy the Clown and his young dancers woke at 4 a.m. to get made up, then performed at three separate venues, punctuated by random, mid-traffic promotions for an upcoming show while still managing to crack each other up (and everyone else within earshot) throughout the day.

Krumping with Clowns: Everybody got down on 3528 2008

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Didrik and I had a blast shooting this feature. Hanging around with Tommy the Clown and his crew of “Hip Hop Clowns” as they delighted kids delighted us. Unfortunately, the hate spew that made up roughly a third of the hundreds of comments this feature elicited — despite being so moronic as to be almost pitiable — was a substantial bummer.

Graffiti Induces Colorblindness on 3527 2008

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I should probably publish this discovery in Nature or some other peer reviewed journal. But what a hassle, so here goes: Graffiti is visible only in black or white. Yes, people often appear to see red when their homes and workplaces are bombed, but that’s only further proof that despite what you think you see, there is no gray area where graffiti’s concerned, let alone color.

The Venice West Cafe on 3527 2008

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In 1965, when I was fifteen, I started hanging around the Venice West Cafe, a dank little hole in the wall with wooden benches and tables. Of course they served espresso. And the place was always full of (to me at that age) coolly romantic hipsters, complete with shades, turtlenecks — yeah, even berets.

The Fastest Walls in the West on 3526 2008

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Wake up and smell the Krylon! Actually, I don’t recommend it, though I often do it. Not because I’m into huffing paint, mind you, but because I often roll directly out of the wrapper and up the local bike path past the public graffiti walls at the Venice Beach “Pits.”

Post Modern Business on 3525 2008

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Circa 19TK

The post modern aspects of this small Abbot Kinney office appear to be an after-the-fact addition, “appear” being the operative word here.

1310 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, California

Turf and Clapboard on 3525 2008

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Circa 19TK

This two-story clapboard house is distinguished by its Astroturf fence.

Rialto Ave
Venice, California

Graffiti Wall: Ich Bin Ein Venician on 3525 2008

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The Venice Pits, now known as the Venice Art Walls, are a point of contention in my neighborhood. They seemed like an apt metaphor for the tension between graff writers and taggers, and a general public that doesn’t much care that there can be a difference between the two.

Ted Hawkins on 3525 2008

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Ted Hawkins had one of the richest, purest, most powerful voices I’ve ever heard. He was a fixture on the boardwalk scene and typified the best of Venice art and music. He performed for the high and mighty, and the lowly and poor. He broke hearts and illuminated minds.

Ray Flores on 3525 2008

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New board gallery and shop for this peripatetic original Z-boy, Ray Flores. The surf and skateboard gallery and shop includes Flores’ collection of rare, original Zephyr surfboards and photos of Tony Alva shredding in backyard pools. It’s a must-visit for anyone interested in the history of the guys who put Dogtown on the map.

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