Thornton Towers (Historic)

by doglord

Circa 1913

Thornton Towers is frequently referred to as the Isadora Duncan building: There are those who say Thornton Towers were built by the Duncan sisters, Isadora Duncan, the mother of modern dance, is said to have lived in the penthouse and danced on the roof.

However, author Jeffrey Stanton insists at his Venice History site that Duncan lived in San Francisco and owned no Venice property.

16 Thornton Ave
Venice, California

thornton towers angle
thornton towers angle
thornton towers angle


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  1. 1 andi bowe on December 31, 2008 11:00 pm

    Although no one knew about Isadora Duncan officially living here in Venice Beach, many witnesses saw the penthouse glowing blue from the curtains she hung there.
    Just because she never put this in her memoirs or autobiography is no reason to deny the truth.
    I was raised in this building, and felt her spirit there where I grew up on the penthouse roof.
    You can see the Greek influence in the entryway.
    Currently condemned to public use, I would like to see this building restored, along with the old empty synagogue building across the alley that sits on the boardwalk empty, although it was an art building in the late 70s.
    Does anyone know the real history of Venice, built by and for the movie stars as a place to escape where they could be themselves?
    It went bankrupt in the late 20s and joined LA, and I met a city engineer who was there then, who said:
    “It’s been downhill for Venice ever since.”
    I watched the downfall of america in miniature as the LA Metro Squad moved in in 1972 and ruined a peaceful and very tolerant town with the goals of serving the rich and the LA developers.
    Where is the standard of living we once enjoyed?




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