Police and Fire Station of Venice (Historic)

Police and Fire Station of Venice (Historic)

by doglord

Circa 1930

Venice’s old police and fire station is Los Angeles’ only art deco police station and was the first municipal building built after Venice’s 1925 annexation by the City of L.A. This PWA-era building has relief work over the entrance.

North Venice Blvd at Pisani Drive
Venice, California

police building angle

police building angle


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  1. 1 Dennis Sayan on April 8, 2016 4:02 pm

    Worked patrol here early 70″s. Roll call top right 2nd floor, lockers behind it. Detectives upper left. Watch Commander bottom left. Main desk thru front doors, jail directly behind, big cage, all bars, even the roof. Worked patrol in the Venice getto (ghost town) deadly place back then. 1st nite three shootings and a stabbing in 10 minutes. fireman had to have police escorts so that they wouldn”t be robbed and beaten while trying to put out fires. Closed it down for new station, all the cops loved this place, new one stunk, no character.

  2. 2 tony ovalasiti on November 16, 2016 4:05 pm

    I worked Venice Div in the early 70’s and there is many great memories of
    the old building.I read Dennis Sayan’s description of what it was like working
    patrol back then, a very dangerous place.Dennis is correct every policeman
    I worked with loved the old building.I cannot remember the name of the older
    policeman that worked only the front desk for many years and in fact he was
    on the original “Venice Police Dept”, before LAPD took over.When we finally
    moved to the new Police Station on Culver Blvd it just was not the same.
    I agree Dennis no character, but still alot of good memories.

  3. 3 Dennis Sayan on March 12, 2017 6:23 pm

    Hey Tony, Just read your update, We walked the footbeat together on OceanFront walk. Hope everthing turned out well with you and your still doing your inspector Closeau impersonations. They were hilarious!




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