Men are from Big Macs, Women are from Celery

Men are from Big Macs, Women are from Celery

by doglord

Researchers in Britain are reporting today that women who consume mass quantities tend to conceive boys, while those who eat only popcorn produce girls.

“You ladies who want boys best like big butts,” said the study’s lead researcher, Neville Pynch. “You want a baby girl, step away from the refrigerator.”

While plenty of scientists find the researchers’ findings credible, many in America are choking on their Whoppers.

“I mean, if their research were true, America would look like ancient Sparta — or at least ‘Let’s Hear it for the Boys’,” said famed Obesiologist Lawrence Torrence. “We’re one fat ass nation.”

While arguments over the veracity of the study will likely continue for some time, Torrence plans to fatten up his bank account with an exploitative, information-poor new book entitled, “Men are from Big Macs, Women are from Celery.”

“It was either that or “Binge is for Blue, Purge is for Pink,” Torrence says.

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