Bigfoot Monster Grey Area For PETA

by doglord

Representatives for bigfoot announced today that the monsters are livid with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA.

“Again and again we see PETA defending chinchillas from being skinned for hooker furs, or raving about all the lipstick being put on pigs by the beauty industry. Yet there’s a resounding silence where bigfeet are concerned.”

“PETA members are nut jobs, we all know that. If they won’t defend abominable snowman, who will?”

PETA issued its boilerplate “meat is murder” rant but off the record officials were even less coherant.

“There’s a big difference between throwing paint on Donatella Versace and advocating for the humane treatment of the missing link.”

One PETA official was overheard laughing to another: “Not my job, man.”

Attempts were made to contact bigfoot for this story. Messages left tied to a stick with meat on it and left in the woods of northern California went unreturned.

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