Winehouse Relative Insists Suspicious White Stuff Around Nose “Runs In Family”

by doglord

Former anesthesiologist-to-the-stars and distant Amy Winehouse relative Nigel Gaye-Lewis has offered an explanation for the suspicious white stuff so often photographed around the soul singer’s nose.

“Everyone in our family gets white stuff around our noses,” Gaye-Lewis told reporters. “It’s genetic.”

“Anyone who’s ever been photographed with white stuff around his or her nose knows how much anguish it can cause. People look at you as if you’re a drug addict or something.”

Asked how he and Ms. Winehouse are related, Gaye-Lewis explained that the two of them had once exchanged so much DNA at the nightclub Hell (a once trendy boite in Manhattan’s meat-packing district) that they were, for all intents and purposes thereafter, a perfect genetic match.

“I almost scalped her,” a high-energy Gaye-Lewis enthused.

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