Tilt Up-Slab House (David Hertz)

Tilt-Up Slab House (David Hertz)

by doglord

2000 by David Hertz

This pre-fabricated “tilt-up” house — constructed of fourteen six-inch thick concrete slabs brought to the site and tilted up into place — was designed to take maximum advantage of its narrow lot while buffering its inhabitants from the immediately adjacent alley. The Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles deems it a “beautiful rendition of the revival of the International Style.”

Venice, California

tilt-up angle
tilt-up angle
tilt-up angle
tilt-up angle


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  1. 1 Alex Zeller on May 3, 2009 7:30 pm

    Earlier this morning on one of the channels I get here in Mexico City, Mexico I saw the house presentation of Venice. I was in awwwwww. I wish more people had your inspiration, dedication and for-thought of building something so beautiful, energy savy and practical. Bravo.




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