T-Rex: Tastes like (big damn) chicken

T-Rex: Tastes like (big damn) chicken

by doglord

VERNAL, UTAH — Scientists have finally put to rest the age old question: Which came first? And it wasn’t the chicken or the egg.

“T-Rex was actually a humongous chicken,” said famed Dinosaurologist Jock Fossil, “Though he still would’ve eaten Colonel Sanders faster than you can say hot wing.”

DNA analysis has shown that gallus domesticus, AKA the McNugget, actually descended from a nightmarish, man-eating dinosaur that used to roam Earth eating cave men like chicken poppers.

“It’s got to have been a big come down for the species,” Fossil says sympathetically. “One millenia, you’re top of the food chain, lording it over pretty mush everything on the planet, the next, you’re just a little pecker hoping not to wind up in someone’s paprikash.”

Animal psychologists believe the species suffers from a sort of perpetual post traumatic stress syndrome as a result of its precipitous fall in pecking order.

“How would you like it if someone came along, shrank you from being the size of a decent size condominium till you were no bigger than a bread basket, covered you in feathers and replaced your fearsome teeth with a little beak?” said Fossil. “No wonder they became chickens.”

“On the bright side, instead of having to break out a hackneyed punchline the next time you’re eating frog legs or badger, say,” says Fossil, “You can tell everyone it tastes like T-Rex and actually be telling the truth.”

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  1. 1 Luis on November 14, 2008 9:14 pm

    they say that when a chicken phetes is developing the baby has teeth but then it goes away




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