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urth cafe

Urth Cafe

Have coffee with yoga teachers and their aspiring screenwriter students.

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USDA: “Slaughterhouse Inhumane” Cattle: “Ya Think?”

After examining video recently shot at a Chino, California slaughterhouse, the USDA has concluded that practices there are inhumane.
“Duh,” said Beau Vine, League of Edible Animals spokesteer, from a teeming holding pen outside the Chino “facility.”

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Vatican Appends Appended List of Sins

Oops! The Vatican did it again! A day after updating its original sins with modern sins like polluting and pushing drugs, the Vatican is back with eight more modern sins.

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Vatican: OK to believe in aliens (merger with Scientology in the works)

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican said yesterday that it’s okay for the faithful to believe in space aliens — paving the way for a rumored merger with the Church of Scientology.

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VCA Marina Animal Hospital

VCA Marina Animal Hospital

Nice, clean, competent and dependable veterinarians. There’s another that’s open all night I believe on Sepulveda.

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Venable House and Studio

Venable House and Studio (Hertz and Rendler)

1990 by David Hertz and Michael Rendler

This “block cut open to the light,” as the architects describe the house, has had that light severely impinged upon by larger, adjacent structures built after it. You have to get in there and peek under the surrounding vegetation to get a sense of the what the architects, who have separate practices, got up to.

South Venice Blvd
Venice, California

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Admiralty Suites

Venice Admiral Suites

Brick and mortar. Probably cots. Expensive cots. Vacation rentals and furnished suites.

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public art walls

Venice Art Walls

You have to be over 18 and get a permit to get up at the Venice Art Walls. The world famous Venice Beach pits used to feature the fastest griffiti walls in the west, with writers going over other writers all day long, often before the paint even dried. These days, you can only write on weekends. If you and a crew have a production sketched out, you’re on for a large wall. Otherwise, smaller spots are available.

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venice art walls auction

Venice Art Walls Art Auction Fundraiser

The Venice Art Walls need funding. City cutbacks are leaving those trying to keep this Venice institution afloat while responding to neighbors’ concerns about tagging in the neighborhood without funding. Go spend some money on works created by some of the cream of the crop of L.A. street artists and support a good cause.

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Windward Basket Ball Courts

Venice Beach Basketball Courts

Venice’s beach side basketball courts feature a decidedly city game. Of course, all level of b-ball players are welcome on these Venice Recreation Center basketball courts. But if you’re going to talk trash and perform the occasional flagrant foul, you best bring your A-game. And be prepared for a beat down. Good place to bleed off excess testosterone.

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