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About Gorey Video

I found this video of Edward Gorey’s The Epiplectic Bicycle — the story that inspired Cybele O’Brien’s tattoo commemoration ot her grandmother Fern — on YouTube.

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About Swingers on Swinging

The sprightly gentleman holding forth on “the lifestyle” is none other than Dr. Robert McGinley of Lifestyles.org, often referred to as the godfather of the American swing movement. Joining him is Dixie Kinnee who was, at the time of this conversation, COO of the Lifestyle family of Companies. John Lynch of the San Fernando Valley’s […]

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Venician Surf Shop — Soon on Abbot Kinney?

I like this vid done for Venican Surf Shop. Trouble is, the shop on Pacific closed down. It never seemed to be open all that much to begin with. Nevertheless, all Venicians can appreciate a thriving local surf-shop community. So rumors that Venecian Surf Shop will reopen soon on Abbot Kinney are welcome…and we hope, […]

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