Dogtown Ink Misclaimer

Dogtown Ink is satire news, counterculture coverage and an awesome indy guide to Venice, California (where it’s published), all rolled into one (amorphous joint).

Dogtown Ink is dedicated to:

A) Disseminating actual news that’s actually relevant to actual human beings with the same unstinting journalistic rigor as the late, great Weekly World News;

2) Covering counterculture like a bad toupé — street art and artists, tattoos and the people who love them, surfing, surfers, skaters, miscreants and ne’er-do-wells, the odd subculture, Kustom Kulture, lowriders, Japan cool, outsider art, SoCal fashion, beach culture and whatever the hell else blows my skirt up;

III) Creating an awesome indy guide to Venice and the Ocean Park section of Santa Monica, CA (much of the area, near the disappeared Pacific Ocean Park, once known as Dogtown);

The site was launched in early February 2008.

It’s still in its infancy. Spank it. Watch it mutate and grow. Better yet, be a part of it.


Ideally, Dogtown Ink should be a clusterf*** of clever contributors. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, video maker, butcher or baker, please feel free to contact us about becoming a contributor. Soon that will mean that, in addition to a byline, you get a little head icon and bio page all your own!

DEVELOPERS: If you’re conversant in HTML, CSS, pHp, MySql, WordPress, Java (or anything else you think might be useful), WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!! I’M DYING HERE!!

I put the site together myself. Starting with an excellent theme (Blog Times) created by the talented and prolific miloIIIIVII, I then went wildly astray. I totally mucked things up, despite Milo’s admonitions to the contrary (and her generous help).

This to say, I’m grateful for development help from anyone (excluding anyone associated with our current administration — sorry Tony Fox, you’re just going to have to settle for CNN’s money). So, please, reach out and touch me.

If you’ve got other skills you’d like to offer, offer away.


We add newness daily at Dogtown Ink. Unless you count days off. Of course, here in the site’s salad days, newness may merely mean laying pipe. But you have my personal commitment to putting the “sexy” back in laying pipe. And days off.

Meet the Staff

Okay, there’s me. That’s pretty much it.

Though, as noted, designer Milo317 has been, and continues to be, a great help.

Suzi Winson, poetry editrix and longtime publisher of lit-zine-cum-literary magazine Fish Drum, has joined the movable (type) feast, lending it much-needed class and couth.

Writer Troy Fuss has made an initial lovely contribution.

Writer Cybele O’Brien hasn’t written anything for DI yet, but she’s been crucial to several high-production-value photo shoots.

As has artist Alison Frey.

Producer/photographer Didrik Johnck regularly offers expert advice. There’s also a picture or two of his on the site and one of these days there should be some video clips.

Finally, metal God and destabilizer Josh Payton has provided consistent awesomeness by helping me keep my head out of my ass (or at least by not making fun of me when, as so often happens, said head winds up back where the sun don’t shine).