Skylark on 183 2008

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The Americana alternative to next door’s Ananda (same owner). Alt-country garb and Keith Richards t-shirts. The Abbot Kinney clothes store for all you Graham Parsons-loving Angelinos.

Ride on 1727 2008

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Venician Surf Shop’s Jimmy V and partner’s new board store and more. Eco-friendly boards, decks, cloths and accessories. Opens April 27, 3pm.

Kites & Feathers on 1617 2008

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Kites & Feathers is a one-of-a-kind boutique with exclusive clothing creations by designer Carla Manuel and lovely handpicked vintage pieces.

Principessa (Vamp) on 1329 2008

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Ecclectic Abbot Kinney boutique.

Colcha on 1324 2008

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Hate to use the word eclectic, but if the cliché fits, use it. Abbot Kinney boutique featuring a variety of tasteful furniture, art and accessories.

Titanic on 1222 2008

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This place has more hats than friend of DI Suzi W. But what really sets Titanic apart is when they crank the house music and the shirtless Eurotrash dude dances FOR HOURS on the platform in front of the store. I don’t know what he’s taking, but I want a pallet of it.

Good See Co. on 0210 2008

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Sunglasses galore (good ones). Watches, too. A broad range of accessories. I really like the owners here. They’re always pleasant and helpful, which is helpful, given the abundance of choice.

Anonymous Clothing on 0210 2008

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Cool clothing and accessories. Neighborhood fave.

Arbor on 029 2008

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Big bamboo! Sk8r punks go green. In style. Bamboo clothes that are as soft as a baby’s butt. Eco-friendly skateboards and snowboards. Go to Arbor and spend money.

Gotta Have It on 029 2008

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Longtime local Mecca for retro, vintage and cool used clothing.