Bigfoot false alarm: hairy creature in freezer actually porn star Ron Jeremy on 2915 2008

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PALO ALTO, CA — The hairy beast two men recently dragged from the Georgia woods believing it to be a mythical Bigfoot monster turns out instead to be legendary porn actor Ron Jeremy.

Foot-Binding Theory Mezmerizes Bigfoot Community on 066 2008

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It came to the longtime bigfoot hunter in a flash… Eugene Geewilliker, of Hope, AK, awoke late one September 2007 Sunday morning to strange noises outside his doublewide. “I immediately suspected bigfoot.”

Bigfoot Monster Grey Area For PETA on 0426 2008

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“Again and again we see PETA defending chinchillas from being skinned for hooker furs, or raving about all the lipstick being put on pigs by the beauty industry. Yet there’s a resounding silence where bigfeet are concerned.”