Sea Mist Skate & Bike Rentals on 0212 2008

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Santa Monica Pier adjacent skate and bike rentals. This place, like many rental establishments along the beach, is directly adjacent to a bar. Upon return from strenuous bike ride chasing bathing suit-clad rollerbladers, it’s good to know there’s a place nearby to hydrate as necessary.

Spokes ‘N Stuff Rentals (Santa Monica) on 0212 2008

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Bike and blade rentals just south of the Santa Monica Pier. Also, repairs and sales of new and used gear. Con: Yes, nerds, Spokes ‘N Stuff rents Segways. Terrorize people on the boardwalk if you must. Pro: They sell chalk blocks for use on the various adjacent gym apparati. I’ll be the guy doing the iron cross.

Venice Bike & Skate on 029 2008

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Rent or buy bikes and blades at this longtime Venice beach business. Plenty of quality bikes to rent. And if you’re considering buying, they have some cool beach cruisers at affordable prices. The staff is warm and fuzzy. Okay, some are warm and fuzzy. Some are just fuzzy.

Boardwalk Skate & Surf on 029 2008

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Bike and blade rentals as well as beach gear, including boogie boards and surf boards. The place also sells stuff like flip-flops and various beach wear and accessories. A plan: Rent bikes here, roar around Venice for a while, bring them back in time to snag a table next door at On the Waterfront for a sunset Erdinger. Cheers.

J’s Rentals on 029 2008

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Bike, blade and beach rentals right in the thick of things at Windward Ave and the boardwalk. This means you can watch the loincloth man balancing on a ladder while clutching rubber cobras while they’re setting up your ride. Jay’s also performs repairs, just in case you get a flat or blow out a blade wheel.