Ted Hawkins on 3525 2008

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Ted Hawkins had one of the richest, purest, most powerful voices I’ve ever heard. He was a fixture on the boardwalk scene and typified the best of Venice art and music. He performed for the high and mighty, and the lowly and poor. He broke hearts and illuminated minds.

Life On Venice: Blues, guitar on 311 2008

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Troubadour, tat shop, sky

Digital photograph

January 9, 2008
Ocean Front Walk
Venice, California

Unruly Fashion on 234 2008

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Trendy clothes — lots of Ed Hardy stuff — and Hustlerwear compete for attention in this boardwalk shop. They even have skateboards — Ed Hardy skateboards. I just bought a couple thongs there to use for my “Thonged Man denies armed robbery, decries discrimination” video. But they came from the sale basket, don’t judge the merch on my headwear choices. On the other hand, you need to get a stunt thong and a Hustler poster in a hurry, hurry on down.

Ocean Blue Imports on 1324 2008

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Boardwalk import shop with incense, saris, shell necklaces, woodcarving, candles…

Light Blue on 1222 2008

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Boardwalk bikinis and all the Havaianas you’re ever going to need. LOTS of bikinis. LOTS of flip-flops and slides.

Beach House Market on 0714 2008

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I’ll take a V-8, some bananas and a bogey board, please.

Chiken Teriyaki Chinese on 0714 2008

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Not sure that’s the official name, but it’s a catchy come on.

Venice Playground/Workout Pit on 0712 2008

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Between the body-building facilities at the Venice Recreation Center (the new Muscle Beach area) and the actual beach lies a sandy yard equipped with balance beam, rings, uneven bars, climbing rope and a range of other gymnastic and recreational apparatuses. It’s for bigger kids and adults. (An enclosed children’s playground can be found 100 yards to the north.)

A more relaxed locale for chin-ups than the nearby body-building facility, the work/play pit is a popular place for speed bag practice (there’s a speed bag station — though you must bring your own bag or possibly rent one from the rec center office).

Venice Boardwalk on 0529 2008

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When most people think of Venice, nowadays, it’s Ocean Front Walk — the boardwalk — they picture. A couple of miles of insanity, vanity and humanity with souvenir shops and tattoo parlors galore, street vendors and palm readers, more crazies than can shake sticks at you, sleaze, ocean breeze, street performers, nut jobs, tourists, posers…it’s all here, particularly on beautiful weekend days. Come prepared for a full immersion in life’s rich pageant. If you’re bringing a pygmy anaconda, please bring its sunblock. Actually, best to leave the pets at home unless you want to traumatize them for life.

Venice Boardwalk Freak Show on 0211 2008

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The barker barks half-heartedly about all the s**t they have inside that has two heads. For my money, I’m sticking with the Museum of Jurassic Technology a few miles up Venice Blvd.

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