Pizza Pizza on 012 2008

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One of many concession style places along the boardwalk to get pizza by the slice. They claim it’s the best on the boardwalk. You be the judge.

Charly Temmel on 012 2008

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World famous Charly Temmel ice cream on the world famous Venice boardwalk. Go on, slather yourself in it. You won’t be the first. Not here…

Danny’s Venice Deli on 011 2008

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This newish place, on Windward Ave right at the beach, has awesome food. It’s maybe a couple bucks too expensive, but what isn’t these days (besides my pontifications)? Love the drawings and paintings of famous/infamous locals and icons on the walls. Deli food and full bar.
Monday – Friday 10:30am-10pm — Breakfast – 3pm / Lunch -l 5pm
Happy hour from 4pm-6pm — Dinner starts 5pm
Saturday – Sunday 10am-10pm — Brunch – 3pm / Lunch -l 5pm / Dinner starts 5pm

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