Mollusk on 029 2008

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The art of surfing. Mollusk’s original shop is in San Francisco, a surf shop/art gallery associated with artist Barry McGee and the Beautiful Losers contemporary art and street culture movement.

Ocean Echo on 029 2008

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You can find Roy, the owner, surfing at the pier most mornings. He’s the shredder with the 1000-yard stare. You should buy stuff from him because of that alone.

Equator Books on 029 2008

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Great local bookstore on Abbot Kinney. Fine selection of fiction and art books, architecture books and magazine. And now they have vinyl records. LPs! Book readings and signings. A great addition to the neighborhood.

Venice Originals Skateboard Shop on 029 2008

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Skateboards and accessories from original Venice skaters.

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