McCain and Paris Hilton caught together in video on 3130 2008

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VENICE, CA — On the same day presidential hopeful John McCain likened his opponent Barak Obama to celebutant Paris Hilton, received this video (CLICK “READ ON” BELOW TO VIEW) of John McCain and Paris Hilton cavorting together, enjoying the benefits of the same Bush tax cuts for the wealthy that McCain has vowed to extend.

Life On Venice: Butt of the joke on 3130 2008

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City workers, Robert Graham sculpture, grafitti tag

Digital photograph

Jan 2, 2008
Windward Circle
Venice, California

Goat Dressing on 232 2008

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Goat dressing was to be the subject of the third gay rodeo event. It was kind of a no-brainer, though at first I wasn’t as gung ho on the idea as Neeraj was. But he was right in feeling like we should do a clip on the event, if for no other reason than to attracts viewer to our much more thoughtful coverage (Gay Rodeo Makes You Limp, for example, a written nugget to be deconstructed here soon).

Gay Rodeo Curious on 2230 2008

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I had two more videos on the gay rodeo to make fast. I’d gotten wind of a thing called Internet porn with coy category names like bi-curious. Given that it alluded to internet porn, I figured it was safe to assume EVERYONE IN THE WORLD would get the joke of a clip named Gay Rodeo Curious. Plus, it was an appropriate name for a “This is Gay Rodeo”-type clip.

The Ballad of Winnie Baygo’s Thrashed Undercarriage on 2229 2008

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I’m not so into treating animals badly. Plus I’m not gay- No, I swear. So officially kicking off the new gig by covering the 2006 L.A. Gay Rodeo might seem WTF-worthy, particularly given Yahoo’s determination to be perceived as MOR — despite its dirty, big, non-secret, Yahoo Groups.

Water Guzzling Benefits Debunked, Beer Guzzling Research Ongoing on 144 2008

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The same scientific team that today announced it had debunked the conventional wisdom that drinking eight glasses of water per day improves health, admits their beer-guzzling research is taking longer to complete. “We’re gonna need more time,” said Dr. Dick Leaky of Waterhouse Labs. “And maybe a bunch of pizzas.”

D.I.Y. F.-ing Tedious on 0426 2008

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Researchers studying ultra-hip do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) culture have confirmed the worst suspicions of many D.I.Y.ers come lately: It’s a royal pain in the ass and the results usually suck.

METRO SURF on 0320 2008

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If surfing is the new golf—and I think we can all agree that it kinda is—then Venice is one of those hardscrabble city courses. Balthustrol the breakwater ain’t…

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