On Standing Downwind of a Tire Fire (or autoerotic asphyxiation) on 3314 2008

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Don’t pretty much all mobile organisms with a lick of sense, particularly those that respire, flee toxic plumes of rubber smoke? Such thoughts raced through my head as a whirling wall of tire smoke, car exhaust and track funk engulfed me, obscuring drift cars, mere feet away, careening sideways around Irwindale Speedway.

Import Scene: Hi-Octane, Multi-Culti, Custom-Car Culture Cluster#%$! on 3314 2008

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When it comes to Asian fusion, Wolfgang Puck has nothing on the import scene. By which I mean the custom car culture mash-up of Japanese cool, cars and motor sports, homegrown hip-hop and throbbing speed metal, drift cars and drag racing, tricked-out spokesmodels and homeboy car clubs, crotch rockets and rice burners, wide-body show cars, rampant commercialism, cosmetic body kits, pumping adrenaline and raging testosterone.

Who’s the Tuners, G? on 3313 2008

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This is the vid I’d figured would lead the import scene coverage. Josh Payton, who was responsible for anything you liked about how the Underground site looked, shot some of the HIN footage. Josh focused largely on the spokesmodels, in keeping with the general spirit of the event.

Just Drift at Willow Springs Speedway on 3313 2008

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In this vid, I’m taken drifting at Willow Springs Budweiser Balcony track by Charlie Ongsingco and John TK of Los Angeles/Las Vegas-based Just Drifit organization. We’re accompanied by a nice loop by Dirk.