Clinton to Continue Campaign After Convention, Election, Immolation of Earth by Sun on 157 2008

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Despite mounting pressure from Democratic party leaders for Hillary Clinton to end her campaign to be the party’s nominee for president, Hillary Clinton today insisted she has “no intention whatsoever of quitting the race…ever.”

It’s 3 a.m. The phone rings… It’s Bill Clinton. He wants to party… on 104 2008

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“Hey, Sweet Cakes, what you wearin’?”

These are the words I hear, spoken in a familiar voice —Arkansas twang, erudite — when I answer my phone one recent late, late night.

“Disgraced former president Bill Clinton?”

Former Clinton-Hater-Hater Now Merely Clinton-Hater on 064 2008

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Like a deluded moron who gets married and hyphenates his last name only to wind up scribbling the foul moniker on alimony checks, I find myself desperate to lose a hyphenation in my life. See, I’m a long suffering Clinton-hater-hater. Ken Starr? Hate him. Newt Gingrich? Him, too. Bill Bennett. Who doesn’t? Nonetheless, I now […]