Gay Rodeo Curious on 2230 2008

by thebradmiskell | ˜ 1 Comment »

I had two more videos on the gay rodeo to make fast. I’d gotten wind of a thing called Internet porn with coy category names like bi-curious. Given that it alluded to internet porn, I figured it was safe to assume EVERYONE IN THE WORLD would get the joke of a clip named Gay Rodeo Curious. Plus, it was an appropriate name for a “This is Gay Rodeo”-type clip.

The Ballad of Winnie Baygo’s Thrashed Undercarriage on 2229 2008

by thebradmiskell | ˜ 2 Comments »

I’m not so into treating animals badly. Plus I’m not gay- No, I swear. So officially kicking off the new gig by covering the 2006 L.A. Gay Rodeo might seem WTF-worthy, particularly given Yahoo’s determination to be perceived as MOR — despite its dirty, big, non-secret, Yahoo Groups.

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