Win Friends and Influence People, Drive an Art Car on 3817 2008

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To those rolling in flashy cars, a suggestion: Glue polyurethaned breakfast burritos, blowup dolls and slinky toys all over your precious rides; action-paint them in homage to Jackson Pollock; modify their bodies to resemble slabs of sashimi and shadow Kikkoman delivery trucks around town.

Topsy-turvy Bus (Ben & Jerry’s latest flavor?) on 3816 2008

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Tom Kennedy makes art car mash-ups the way Ben Cohen remixes ice cream: deliriously. Here, they combine their mix-and-mash-up magic to create their very own political machine–the Topsy-turvy Bus. Didrik and I caught up with them in Oakland a couple times during the course of the bus’ building.

Inside the Art Car Mind (hide the Krazy Glue) on 3815 2008

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The pure spectacle of art cars often overshadows consideration of what’s behind them: Who turned the Olds into a giant piece of sushi? What were they thinking? This vid explores the art car mind.

Art Cars, Highway Stars on 3714 2008

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Didrik and I saw off this art caravan in San Francisco’s East Bay then caught up again with them in Arizona for the last leg of their drive to the border town of Douglas, AZ. The art cars all attracted all kinds of attention, none more so than Rebecca Caldwell’s Carthedral, which nearly sent several passing motorists motoring off the road.