Men are from Big Macs, Women are from Celery on 1724 2008

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Researchers in Britain are reporting today that women who consume mass quantities tend to conceive boys, while those who eat only popcorn produce girls. “You ladies who want boys best like big butts,” said the study’s lead researcher, Neville Pynch. “You want a baby girl, step away from the refrigerator.”

Kim’s Food Corner on 1324 2008

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Is it just me or has Kim or his clerk got some issues? Only open till 8pm.

Bay Market on 0927 2008

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Typical: bait, jerky, star magazine, 3000 kinds of gum, 40s

Nick’s Liquor on 0211 2008

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Good selection of wine, some specialty food items…and everything else in the world (including bait and tackle for fishing at the pier). Plenty of liquor, but a surprising selection of decent beverages and food.

Subway on 029 2008

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Chain. Clean.

The Firehouse on 014 2008

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213 Rose Ave. Venice, CA 90291 Phone: (310) 396.6810 Map