I’m a Big Filker! on 3313 2008

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I made a major self-discovery while attending the 64th Annual World Science Fiction Convention: I’m a big filker! At least in spirit I’m a big filker. There is some question whether one may be considered a filker without actually filking with other filkers. Which I never got around to doing at the WorldCon.

Pink Monkeys Create Parallel Magic Kingdom in Shadow of Space Mountain on 3313 2008

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Something like twelve gazillion souls travel to Anaheim, Calif., every year to enter a world of wonder and walk among people clad in furry costumes and pirate regalia. That I was doing the same would have been unremarkable—had I been at Disneyland.

Fists of Furry! — or Oh, No You Didn’t Just Call Me a Perv… on 0928 2008

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After taking years of ridicule, scorn and abuse as a “furry” reindeer, Brindleskins Skydancer decided to do something about it. He became a tenth-degree karate master, a Buddakan Judo high priest, and tae kwon-do Wu Li tree dancer. And an anthropomorphic avenger. No longer do people refer to him as weird (within earshot) or else…