Venice Playground/Workout Pit on 0712 2008

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Between the body-building facilities at the Venice Recreation Center (the new Muscle Beach area) and the actual beach lies a sandy yard equipped with balance beam, rings, uneven bars, climbing rope and a range of other gymnastic and recreational apparatuses. It’s for bigger kids and adults. (An enclosed children’s playground can be found 100 yards to the north.)

A more relaxed locale for chin-ups than the nearby body-building facility, the work/play pit is a popular place for speed bag practice (there’s a speed bag station — though you must bring your own bag or possibly rent one from the rec center office).

Santa Monica Pier Playground on 0528 2008

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On the beach just south of the pier. The full compliment of playground paraphernalia: swings, climbing ropes, monkey bars, a padded deck…rings even. Nearby restrooms. Grassy gymnastics field. Definitely enough stuff to tire out your brood.