The Stronghold on 1723 2008

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American made, custom jeans, cut and sewn of rough-hewn, selvage denim, vintage pocket knives, Filson bags and Stetson hats. The jeans will be around longer than you will.

Titanic on 1222 2008

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This place has more hats than friend of DI Suzi W. But what really sets Titanic apart is when they crank the house music and the shirtless Eurotrash dude dances FOR HOURS on the platform in front of the store. I don’t know what he’s taking, but I want a pallet of it.

Beach House Market on 0714 2008

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I’ll take a V-8, some bananas and a bogey board, please.

Rogue Status on 0210 2008

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1720 Main St Venice, CA 90291 Phone: (310) 584-1197 Map

Arbor on 029 2008

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Big bamboo! Sk8r punks go green. In style. Bamboo clothes that are as soft as a baby’s butt. Eco-friendly skateboards and snowboards. Go to Arbor and spend money.

Gotta Have It on 029 2008

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Longtime local Mecca for retro, vintage and cool used clothing.

Aardvark’s Odd Ark on 029 2008

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Longtime vintage, used and novelty clothing and accessories…big afro wigs, holiday hats, jeans and jeans.

Ocean Echo on 029 2008

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You can find Roy, the owner, surfing at the pier most mornings. He’s the shredder with the 1000-yard stare. You should buy stuff from him because of that alone.