Amerikan Traditionalist on 1114 2008

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“I got my first tattoo when I was thirteen,” says Kevin Hinton. We sit at the bar in Hama Sushi, across the street from Venice’s Old Glory Tattoo Parlor, the shop Hinton has owned and operated since 2005. I wonder who, in America, tattoos thirteen-year-olds.

Old Glory on 0210 2008

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Say you need a tattoo and a haircut. That’s why they invented Old Glory. It’s two parlours in one. Talk about 30-minute make-over. Seriously, you want a traditional American tattoo in the spirit of legends Sailor Jerry and Ed Hardy, Old Glory Tattoo’s owner, Kevin Hinton, is the man to see. Kevin specializes in nautical tattoos, which he’s got quite a few of, himself. He’s also practiced at Irezumi, or Japanese-style tattoo art.