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Can’t keep a good Buff Monsta down. Despite the best efforts and baser inclinations of passing taggers, Buff Monster’s street art again reigns supreme…at least at the intersection of Hampton and Indiana.

Venice Boardwalk on 0529 2008

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When most people think of Venice, nowadays, it’s Ocean Front Walk — the boardwalk — they picture. A couple of miles of insanity, vanity and humanity with souvenir shops and tattoo parlors galore, street vendors and palm readers, more crazies than can shake sticks at you, sleaze, ocean breeze, street performers, nut jobs, tourists, posers…it’s all here, particularly on beautiful weekend days. Come prepared for a full immersion in life’s rich pageant. If you’re bringing a pygmy anaconda, please bring its sunblock. Actually, best to leave the pets at home unless you want to traumatize them for life.


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Attention anyone who has ever seen those colorful, cartoon-cut-out doves that dangle from power lines over busy intersections from here to San Francisco, NYC and even London: Could Brown, the enigmatic, young street artist behind the berds (his werd), be using them to basically flip the bird?

Venice Art Walls on 0211 2008

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You have to be over 18 and get a permit to get up at the Venice Art Walls. The world famous Venice Beach pits used to feature the fastest griffiti walls in the west, with writers going over other writers all day long, often before the paint even dried. These days, you can only write on weekends. If you and a crew have a production sketched out, you’re on for a large wall. Otherwise, smaller spots are available.

SPARC on 029 2008

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In support of the murals of Los Angeles.