Edgemar Development (Frank Gehry) on 274 2008

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1987 by Frank Gehry

A mixed-use complex designed by architect Frank Gehry in the 1980’s to incorporate original structures on the site, including a former ice company warehouse. The retrofitted warehouse is now home to Edgemar Center for the Arts.

2415-2449 Main Street
Santa Monica, California

Chiat Day Mojo Advertising (Frank Gehry Architects) on 274 2008

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1991 by Frank Gehry

The binoculars, which one drives between to the parking garage, are by Claes Oldenburg. They house meeting rooms.

340 Main Street
Venice, California

Eko Zone on 183 2008

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Eko Zone has yet to open, though the sign outside says Cruelty-free Products. TBC…

Tails of Santa Monica on 1222 2008

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Cat and dog boutique featuring pet couture… Yes, we are all going to Hell. Actually, I take that back. Tails of Santa Monica is active in pet rescue. They are going to animal heaven.

Paris 1900 on 0927 2008

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Known for vintage wedding dresses, linens and lace. Gotta have an appointment.

Main Street News on 0212 2008

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Say you want to read something beside the Internet. Like a magazine, say. Stop reading this and go to Main Street News. Hook up with something tactile. See if I care.

One Life Natural Foods on 0211 2008

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Good produce and other stuff for non-meat-eaters plus an old-school juice bar upstairs.

Urth Cafe on 0211 2008

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Have coffee with yoga teachers and their aspiring screenwriter students.

Jadis on 0211 2008

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The Victorian Sci Fi paraphernalia in the windows of this enigmatic Main Street storefront is a puzzlement to many passersby. That, and the fact that it never seems to be open. Actually, this exotic movie prop shop is generally open on weekends between 12 and 4 pm, and a $1 donation is required.

If you’re smart, you’ll cough up. If you’re lucky, you’ll be regaled by quixotic owner Parke Meek (or someone equally informative) who will fill your head with tales of wonder.

You ask me, that’s a buck well spent. Blucher!

Rogue Status on 0210 2008

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1720 Main St Venice, CA 90291 Phone: (310) 584-1197 Map www.roguestatus.com

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