McCain and Paris Hilton caught together in video on 3130 2008

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VENICE, CA — On the same day presidential hopeful John McCain likened his opponent Barak Obama to celebutant Paris Hilton, received this video (CLICK “READ ON” BELOW TO VIEW) of John McCain and Paris Hilton cavorting together, enjoying the benefits of the same Bush tax cuts for the wealthy that McCain has vowed to extend.

Obama THAT ONE posters free for the taking! on 238 2008

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McCain-inspired Obama THAT ONE posters hit the Internet shortly after the debate and they’re yours for the taking!

McCain to hawk speechmaking DVD on 236 2008

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NEW ORLEANS, LA — Having left audiences nationwide slack-jawed and dumbstruck by his Tuesday night speech before a green backdrop that makes it a snap to superimpose porno on, Republican senator and presidential hopeful John “That Weird Smile” McCain plans to cash in on the buzz he’s created by marketing a speechmaking DVD.

McCain adopts newer slogan: “I’m the white guy” on 235 2008

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Days after co-opting the new campaign slogan “A leader we can believe in” from the Obama campaign, the McCain campaign is ditching it for a more concise message: “I’m the white guy.”