Unruly Fashion on 234 2008

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Trendy clothes — lots of Ed Hardy stuff — and Hustlerwear compete for attention in this boardwalk shop. They even have skateboards — Ed Hardy skateboards. I just bought a couple thongs there to use for my “Thonged Man denies armed robbery, decries discrimination” video. But they came from the sale basket, don’t judge the merch on my headwear choices. On the other hand, you need to get a stunt thong and a Hustler poster in a hurry, hurry on down.

Skylark on 183 2008

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The Americana alternative to next door’s Ananda (same owner). Alt-country garb and Keith Richards t-shirts. The Abbot Kinney clothes store for all you Graham Parsons-loving Angelinos.

Ride on 1727 2008

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Venician Surf Shop’s Jimmy V and partner’s new board store and more. Eco-friendly boards, decks, cloths and accessories. Opens April 27, 3pm.

The Stronghold on 1723 2008

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American made, custom jeans, cut and sewn of rough-hewn, selvage denim, vintage pocket knives, Filson bags and Stetson hats. The jeans will be around longer than you will.

Harmonie on 1327 2008

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Nice men’s and women’s clothing on the Marina Del Rey end of Abbot Kinney. Gifts and accessories, too…and service with a smile.

Brick Lane on 1325 2008

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Abbot Kinney women’s, men’s and children’s clothing boutique. Fine, unique apparel. I’m partial to the star jasmine out front. Mmmmm…

Neighborhood on 1221 2008

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Nice clothes for the whole family.

Ananda on 0210 2008

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Boutique heavy on the South Asianica. Buddha boho yogi fashions and accessories…candles, jewelry.

Anonymous Clothing on 0210 2008

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Cool clothing and accessories. Neighborhood fave.

Rogue Status on 0210 2008

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1720 Main St Venice, CA 90291 Phone: (310) 584-1197 Map www.roguestatus.com

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