Space Grrl on 3312 2008

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Espying a shapely Trekkie in a mini uniform as she took in the attractions at the WorldCon, I began discretely shooting some video of her (read: from behind) when a nearby voice said “And she’s a rocket scientist.”

Earth 2 Sci-Fi Fandom on 3312 2008

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Having missed that year’s mother of all Cons — San Diego’s annual Comic-Con International — I wound up attending the much older and DIY-ier World Science Fiction Convention (held in Anaheim that year)…along with the largest group of social misfits I’d ever seen under one convention hall roof.

Space Station Robot Gets Arms, Eyes — Awaits Johnson on 1218 2008

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Now that astronauts have successfully attached arms and camera “eyes” to the International Space Station’s new robot Dextre (for Dextrous Manipulator), all that’s left is the package.