Edgemar Development (Frank Gehry) on 274 2008

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1987 by Frank Gehry

A mixed-use complex designed by architect Frank Gehry in the 1980’s to incorporate original structures on the site, including a former ice company warehouse. The retrofitted warehouse is now home to Edgemar Center for the Arts.

2415-2449 Main Street
Santa Monica, California

Chiat Day Mojo Advertising (Frank Gehry Architects) on 274 2008

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1991 by Frank Gehry

The binoculars, which one drives between to the parking garage, are by Claes Oldenburg. They house meeting rooms.

340 Main Street
Venice, California

Circle Bar on 1617 2008

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I hate any place that makes you line up outside — as if that means something cool is going on inside. Some people like this place, the DJs, the scene. Others despise it. Your call.

Poom Thai Cuisine on 1615 2008

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Fantastic Thai cuisine on lovely Lincoln Blvd, hotbed of good, affordable west side Thai restaurants. Eat in, take out, either way you’ll be happy you did.

Venice Family Clinic on 1324 2008

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SEVEN LOCATIONS in all, serving Venice and adjacent communities for nearly 40 years. Dedicated to low-income and uninsured members of the West Side community. Call or consult www.venicefamilyclinic.org for the appropriate location.

And participate in the Art Auction & Art Walk. All proceeds go the clinic.

Exhale Center for Sacred Movement on 1222 2008

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Sacred franchise is more like it, though it must be noted, this location has some of the most experienced and accomplished instructors in this city or any other: Eric Schiffman, Saul David Raye and Seane Corn, to name a few. The Main Street Venice studio offers a range of yoga classes in a range of yoga styles, as well as a goodly assortment of yoga clothes and accessories..

L & K Market on 1222 2008

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Average, everyday corner market with history: They claim to be the oldest biz in Santa Monica. From wine coolers to $700 bottles.

Tails of Santa Monica on 1222 2008

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Cat and dog boutique featuring pet couture… Yes, we are all going to Hell. Actually, I take that back. Tails of Santa Monica is active in pet rescue. They are going to animal heaven.

Santa Monica Community Garden on 1222 2008

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A spurt in local building hasn’t prevented this bucolic block from continuing to sprout. Bounded by Main, Hollister, Neilson Way and Strand, the community garden is a crazy quilt of public plots where flowers and vegetables of all kinds are lovingly cultivated by local greenthumbs.

Tara Home: Sacred Interiors on 1222 2008

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Not sure what sacred interiors are, but Tara has all the yogi decor, Asianica and candles you’re ever likely to need.

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