Edgemar Center for the Arts on 0212 2008

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Edgemar Center for the Arts, a two-theater multi-cultural arts complex located on Main Street in Santa Monica in a former ice factory warehouse, provides students and professionals in theater, dance, music, film and visual arts a place to come together for workshops, classes, collaborations and more.

Sea Mist Skate & Bike Rentals on 0212 2008

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Santa Monica Pier adjacent skate and bike rentals. This place, like many rental establishments along the beach, is directly adjacent to a bar. Upon return from strenuous bike ride chasing bathing suit-clad rollerbladers, it’s good to know there’s a place nearby to hydrate as necessary.

Perry’s Café & Rentals (end of Hollister Ave) on 0212 2008

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Perry’s will hook you up. And it’s to this location that all you fledgling bladers should come for a lesson with the incomparable Debbie Merrill.

Surf Liquor on 0212 2008

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Classic name, classic sign, same old merch. But nice when you need to show up with a bottle of wine.

Hot Dog on a Stick on 0212 2008

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I prefer the shorter Hot Dog Stick (see signage). This fire-engine-red wiener and lemonade stand is classic Santa Monica boardwalk. Can’t vouch for the wieners…I don’t eat no swine.

Beach Volleyball Nets (Ocean Park) on 0212 2008

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Beach volleyball is big in southern Cal and the stretch of sand between Hollister and Ocean Park Blvd features a bunch of nets. They’re free, just show up and claim a net. But bring your balls. And know there may be a league or special event monopolizing several nets. If your serving arm goes dead, there’s often a pick-up roller-hockey game across the bike path.

Undefeated on 0212 2008

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Well-curated sneaker collection. It would be right at home in Tokyo.

Original Muscle Beach on 0212 2008

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This historic stretch of Santa Monica beach — the original Muscle Beach — was the epicenter of the American fitness movement in it’s salad days. Now it’s a veritable cornucopia of sturdy exercise apparatuses and playground equipment. There are balance beams, chinning bars, rings and ropes. The padded play/workout areas are nice, too. There’s also gobs of playground equipment and mock rocks for children to play on, and you’ll generally see plenty of kids here going bonkers (under the watchful eyes of parents and teachers).

Main Attraction Nails and Spa on 0212 2008

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I’ve never been to the Main Attraction, but I know attractive people who have. But I don’t think it’s a spa spa.

Big Dean’s Cafe on 0212 2008

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Beer joint. Nice and rowdy when there’s something going on that brings people out.

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