Flesh-Eating Virus Going Vegan? on 066 2008

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“This may sound crazy, but I’m thinking hard about going vegan,” the Flesh-Eating Virus (F-EV) told Entertainment Tonight’s Pat O’Brien on a segment last night that sought to portray the Virus’ softer side.

Former Clinton-Hater-Hater Now Merely Clinton-Hater on 064 2008

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Like a deluded moron who gets married and hyphenates his last name only to wind up scribbling the foul moniker on alimony checks, I find myself desperate to lose a hyphenation in my life. See, I’m a long suffering Clinton-hater-hater. Ken Starr? Hate him. Newt Gingrich? Him, too. Bill Bennett. Who doesn’t? Nonetheless, I now […]